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Embeddable anywhere. Fast, customizable high-quality rendering.

Universal 3D/VR viewer

Our technology works in all browsers and all operating systems (Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS and Android). No plugin required.


Customize the viewer for perfect integration.
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Blazing fast

Our state of the art compression delivers your 3D/VR models at top speed.

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Embed 3D models on any website, forum, even social media. Your audience can browse in 3D or VR without leaving your site.

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View models in VR using your favorite headset.

Buy & Sell 3D Models

Find everything you need for your next project. With our model inspector, what you see is what you get.

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Millions of models to discover.
Explore art, games, cultural heritage, architecture, science and more.
Enjoy Staff Pick recommendations every day.
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The best way to publish 3D, VR & AR

Illustration linking many creative softwares (such as Blender, Maya and Photoshop), engines (Kerbal, Minecraft, Unreal Engines and Unity), 3D scanners (Fuel 3D), social and creative networks (Facebook, Twitter and Reddit for the social part and Kickstarter, Behance for the creative ones) and marketplaces to Sketchfab.

Integrated in your software

Your 3D models online in seconds with our exporter plugins.
No need to convert files manually.
See the list of plugins.

Unlimited uploads

Upload as many files as you need*, up to 50MB/file (more space available).
All major 3D file formats are supported, including OBJ, FBX, BLEND, 3DS and STL.

* depends on the type of upload and your plan

Manage your content

Organize your models with collections, tags and categories.
Make your models public, private* or protect them with a password*.

* requires a Pro plan

Share and embed

Embed your models on Facebook, Twitter, forums and any website that supports iframes.
See a list of integrations.

Powerful 3D Editor

Fine-tune your models with our powerful built-in 3D editor.
Adjust the orientation, edit your materials, set up lighting, camera parameters and add creative post-processing filters to achieve the perfect look.

Do more with your 3D models

  • Download free models


    Download free models and distribute yours by licensing them with Creative Commons.

  • Experience 3D models in VR


    View models in VR using your favorite headset.

  • Documentation for developers

    Build Apps

    With our Viewer and Download APIs, build custom 3D apps such as configurators, or in-app 3D model downloads.



Max upload size:

Supported 3D file formats:

3DC point cloud (.3dc), 3DS (.3ds), 3DC point cloud (.asc), Alembic (.abc), Blender (.blend), Collada (.dae), Compressed Collada (.zae), Design Web Format (.dwf), Drawing eXchange Format (.dxf), Autodesk filmbox (.fbx), GL Transmission Format (.gltf, .glb), Open Inventor (.iv), Google Earth (.kmz), LightWave (.lwo, .lws), Alias Wavefront (.obj), osg file format (.osg), osg binary (.osgb), osg ascii (.osgt), osg terrain (.osgterrain), compressed osg (.osgtgz), osg export (.osgx), polygon file format (.ply), Stereolithography (.stl), VRML (.wrl), Compressed VRML (.wrz), Initial Graphics Exchange Specification (.iges, .igs)

Supported texture formats:

Most images formats are supported at upload

Export directly from (requires plugin):

3ds Max, Blender, Cinema 4D, form•z, Grasshopper, Inventor, IronCAD, Lightwave, Maya, Minecraft, Modo, Qubicle, SketchUp, SolidWorks, Unity, ZBrush
Get the plugin for your 3D software.

Bulk uploads

Via API (see our API documentation).





  • Desktop browsers: Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, Edge
  • Mobile browsers: Safari iOS, Android Chrome
  • 360° panorama fallback for browsers that don't support WebGL.


  • On social media.
  • Any website accepting iframes.
  • See our Help Center for more details.


  • Orbit mode
  • First-person mode
  • Teleportation (in VR mode)


  • Skeleton, solid, morph targets
  • Speed control
  • Cycle control
  • More details

Interactive features:

Virtual Reality:

  • WebVR on HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Gear VR (more info)
  • Google Cardboard, Daydream
Virtual Reality features
See the teleporter and model settings in video

Embed customization options:

  • Embed size
  • Hide info bar
  • Hide controls
  • Autostart
  • Transparent background
  • See our Help Center for all customization options

Inspection tools:

  • Examine textures, UVs, topology, and more
  • MatCaps
  • Wireframe option
  • Lighting rotation



  • Orientation
  • FOV
  • Custom background (HDRi, image, color)
  • Shading
  • Wireframe
  • Camera limits


  • Image-based Lighting
  • Up to 3 dynamic lights (Directional, hemispheric, point or spot lights)
  • Realtime shadows
  • Ground shadow catcher

Classic materials:

Diffuse, Specular, Normal, Bump, Lightmap, Transparency, Emission, Environment Reflection, Face culling

PBR materials (Metalness workflow):

Base color, Metalness, Specular F0, Roughness/Glossiness, Normal/Bump, Ambient occlusion, Cavity, Transparency, Emission, Subsurface Scattering, Clear Coat materials, Refraction, Face culling

PBR materials (Specular workflow):

Albedo, Specular, Roughness/Glossiness, Normal/Bump, Ambient occlusion, Cavity, Transparency, Emission, Subsurface Scattering, Clear Coat materials, Refraction, Face culling

Supported texture formats:

JPEG, PNG, TGA. More formats supported at upload.

Virtual Reality

  • Scale adjustment
  • Floor level
  • Initial viewing position


Up to 5 annotations for Free accounts
Up to 20 annotations for Pro accounts
Up to 50 annotations for Premium accounts
See plans & pricing


  • Speed & cycle control
  • Animation clip management

Post-processing Filters:

Screen Space Reflection, Screen Space Ambient Occlusion, Grain, Depth of field, Sharpness, Chromatic Aberrations, Vignette, Bloom, Tone mapping, Color balance



  • From low-poly and game-ready 3D assets to real-world 3D scans, everything for professionals.
  • Preview model topology, UVs, and textures in 3D before you purchase.
  • Buy 3D models

Technical standards:

PBR materials, animated rigs, and more in a universal format.
Original format downloads, as well as automatic GLTF conversion.
Rating and reviews system that helps you make informed decisions.

Popular formats:

3DS (.3ds), Blender (.blend), Collada (.dae), Autodesk filmbox (.fbx), GL Transmission Format (.gltf, .glb), LightWave (.lwo, .lws), Alias Wavefront (.obj), polygon file format (.ply), Stereolithography (.sta, .stl), 3ds Max (.max), Cinema 4D (.c4d), Maya (.mb .ma), Modo (.lxo), ZBrush (.obg), SketchUp (.skp), Unity (.unitypackage), Unreal (.uasset), Polygon File Format (.ply)

Featured categories:

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