Augmented Reality for Business

Increase sales and enrich the customer experience with Augmented Reality (AR).

Jump into AR directly from the web—no app required.

Available with a Premium licence.

Augmented Reality for a First-Class eCommerce Experience
Let shoppers view and interact with products in their own space
Boost buyer confidence and engagement
Increase conversions on your eCommerce website

Compatible with all Major eCommerce Platforms

Easily embed your 3D models on major eCommerce platforms such as WooCommerce, WordPress, Magento,, Shopify, Prestashop, and many more!

Works on iOS and Android

Sketchfab converts all major 3D file types to both the USDZ and glTF file formats - the required AR formats for iOS and Android devices, respectively.

Click the AR button in the bottom right.

On desktop, the experience will show an auto-generated QR code that viewers can scan with their phone or tablet to automatically open your model in AR.

Easy Set-up, Easy Distribution
Subscribe to the Premium license and upload 3D models.
Visit plans page
Enable AR on your models.
Follow our step-by-step instructions
Easily distribute your AR-enabled models on the web.
Detailed instructions
Trusted by Leading Brands

We Protect Your Data

Millions of users trust Sketchfab to keep their 3D models safe and protected.
Data is fully encrypted at rest and in transit
Our platform undergoes regular security audits
Distributed cloud architecture accommodates high traffic
Happy Clients!
Praise from our successful clients…
Pauline Junne
Groupe SEB
AR is a great asset for Groupe SEB products, especially for those that will have to sit on a kitchen counter, since it will help shoppers in appreciating their real size.
Adam Krick
Creative Manager at PlayPower, Inc.
We absolutely love the integration and we think that the AR capabilities are a game-changer.